Founded in 2000, Chinsay is the leading global provider of contract automation and management systems focused on commodities and freight markets.

Chinsay helps clients digitalise fundamental trading workflows and create a unique dataset that links internal and external trading ecosystems and stakeholders – driving efficiency, transparency and frictionless trade within global supply chains.

Clients using our Intelligent Contract Platform (“ICP“) have access to their digitalised trade data from source to delivery. ICP is designed to provide companies with the ability to maintain and improve margins by identifying and managing operational risk.

By capturing structured data in a form that can be reused, our clients are able to action, integrate and visualise information previously locked within static paper documents. Enhanced decision making through better information propels our clients, enabling reduced trade friction and ensuring traders can do what they are employed to do – to trade, not perform data entry.

All organisations have their own workflows to ensure regulatory and policy compliance. ICP can be accurately and rapidly customised, by digitalising

processes and data, delivering an organisation’s desired workflow, automating compliance and approval processes.

Commodity markets are complex and supply chains are often complicated by international controls and local intricacies which necessitate collaboration between internal and external stakeholders. ICP facilitates collaboration in a secure, audited and compliant environment and transforms a cumbersome process into a transparent and data-driven ecosystem.

Data is at the core of nearly every business decision – it is the foundation on which you can extract the value offered by modern technologies. ICP prepares your data for the future.

Chinsay understands the complexity of the physical supply chain. It is a myriad of legacy bottlenecks and problems that need solving which are beyond the capabilities of any one technological solution. We therefore partner with clients and other technology vendors to increase efficiency and improve security and risk controls.


To build innovative solutions for the problems we face today and in the future, our people and our products are client-focused:

  • Security and compliance
  • Professionalism and trustworthiness
  • Honesty and integrity


Since 2003, Chinsay applies robust multi-layered security models to protect your information. Leveraging on Microsoft’s best-in-class experience and investment in security, our services are fully built, hosted on Microsoft Azure and protected by the latest firewall protection, intrusion detection systems and proprietary security products – your data is secure at all times with us.

Chinsay’s ISO/IEC 27001 certification shows our commitment to meeting customer expectations from a business and security compliance standpoint. Our Information Security Management System is audited annually to ensure that security controls are present and operating effectively.

Our services are continually monitored for security violations and we undergo regular penetration tests to monitor the services against any existing or emerging threats.


At Chinsay we work with you from the very start, tailoring our demonstration to your needs. Request a demo and provide us some information for a purpose-built demonstration.