We are reducing our fees for the production of Charter Parties on our Recap Manager platform.

From 1st January 2021 the Transaction Fees will be:

  • US$150 above Handysize (40,001 DWT)  on TC and 40,001 MTS on VC.
  • US$75  for Handysize (40,000 DWT) and below on TC and 40,000 MTS on VC.

Free stand-alone charter parties and discounts for volumes will also cease from the 1st of January 2021.

These pricing mechanisms have become unnecessarily complex and, in keeping with our objectives, we are simplifying our pricing and the way we charge.

Our objective as an independent provider of technology to the commodities and shipping markets, is to constantly innovate and to bring increased value to every user on our platform.

Our newly-released Intelligent Contract Platform (ICP) does that. ICP extends the capability of our current platform by creating and moving data through your organsiation within workflows configured specifically for the way you work.  Reuse of data without rekeying enables integration with operational systems, insightful visualisations, and automation.

Please feel free to contact support@chinsay.com if you have any questions related to pricing.