Increasingly our clients are focusing on how they collect, structure and use data for competitive advantage in their commercial negotiations, operational effectiveness and efficiency. The increased availability of data has, in part, come about by the increased adoption of Software as a Service and reduced costs of storage and processing. This changing technical landscape and the value inherent in proprietary trade and operational data requires a corresponding focus on securing that data with a neutral and independent data custodian.

Keeping our client’s data safe and private

The first digital charter party was created on Chinsay more than ten years ago. Since then, we have continuously developed functionality which gives our clients the ability to capture and use their data. Clients of Chinsay can create customised business reports, integrate with post deal systems and receive automated notifications. Contracts negotiated by Chinsay’s clients contain tremendous value and we want our services to assist clients to reap all the benefits they are entitled to during the process of creating and storing contracts.

Keeping our client’s data safe and private is essential for Chinsay and is underpinned by Chinsay’s technical foundation as well as the company’s internal processes and ownership structure. It has been a prerequisite since Chinsay’s inception to ensure our clients benefit from their own data, while keeping the data absolutely private and secure.

Data access governed by strict protocols

Employees at Chinsay are required to demonstrate the highest levels of integrity in managing our client’s data. We employ strict protocols limiting the employees who have access to that data and regulating their actions. To put it simply, only employees that have a clear need for accessing specific data will be able to do it (for example a Customer Support employee helping out a client on a specific contract).

Full independence is first priority

The principle of keeping our client’s data private goes to the very heart of who Chinsay is. We are an independent technology developer and provider to the shipping and commodity markets which has been entrusted with the stewardship of private information. It is the independence from industry interests which gives all clients and stakeholders certainty that their data will only be used under instruction from the client and for purposes they consent to.

Chinsay’s independence has always been the first priority of its management and owners. We remain privately owned by investors that have no interests in the freight, commodity or broking markets. We believe that Chinsay’s independence has been fundamental in earning the trust of our clients in the freight and commodity markets.

If you are interested to learn more about how Chinsay handles security, integrity and independence – please contact:

Alexander Nyblaeus – Chief Security Officer at, or Tony Faneco – Chief Commercial Officer at