SINGAPORE, 14th October 2020 | Press Release

Chinsay’s ICP (Intelligent Contract Platform) has been selected by Rio Tinto for its commercial digital contract needs. ICP was chosen for its ability to digitalise end-to-end trade workflows and for the creation, approval and issuance of contracts, and will be used for Rio Tinto’s commercial businesses.

Colin Hayward, CEO of Chinsay, said: “We are very pleased to be working with Rio Tinto and helping them with their digitalisation efforts. ICP will be enabling the digitalisation of their workflows, creating transparency and giving Rio Tinto the ability to make the process more efficient.”

Peter Hopp, General Counsel Commercial of Rio Tinto, said: “Contract Lifecycle Management goes beyond the creation and administration of contracts. By utilising unique blockchain technology, we are able to create and integrate financial, shipping and other transactional documentation to enhance the experience of our customers and suppliers in a seamless way. We have chosen Chinsay as a technology and development partner because of its thorough understanding of the commodities market, transaction flows, and a demonstrated unique approach to customer centricity.”

Chinsay leads the market in sophisticated contract dataset technology for commodities; its platform, ICP, provides end-to-end trade data capture and automation of contract issuance, from the start of the process, through to completion. This contributes to significant downstream operational efficiencies and, through the digitalisation of the contract process, dramatically reduces time spent on contract issuance.

About Chinsay:

Founded in 2000, Chinsay is the leading global provider of contract automation systems for the commodities and freight markets. Its Intelligent Contract Platform (ICP) enables digitalisation of contract data sets across the supply chain. As a pure software-as-a-service platform, with the ability to support API integration, it has one of the fastest deployment times in the industry. The Intelligent Contract platform captures data during the contract creation process, providing a Golden Copy as a result of collaboration between all involved parties.

Chinsay’s concept of ‘one-time deal capture’ enables integration with risk management, accounting, legal and operational functions. This results in cost savings, increased efficiencies, improved security and risk control. ICP provides companies with the opportunity to make informed, data-driven business decisions.

Chinsay partners with clients and other technology vendors to increase efficiency and improve security and risk controls. Through industry-leading product discovery and DevOps practices, Chinsay rapidly and continuously adapts its software precisely to our clients’ needs. Leveraging Microsoft Azure facilities for end-to-end encryption allows us to offer the highest possible data security to our clients.

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