On 31 August 2018, Chinsay’s Tony Faneco was a guest speaker at a charterparty seminar (Voyage Charterparties and Notices of Readiness) organised by JTJB Managing Partner Murali Pany. Tony presented to an engaging group of shipping professionals his broad industry experience and knowledge around online charterparty contract generation.

“The Charter Party captures the hard-negotiated entitlements, obligations and options for both Charterer and Owner – yet all too often this document is not in the hands of the right person when it is needed.”

Tony demonstrated the efficiencies and benefits companies gain by digitising document creation in a collaborative environment. However, merely taking the contract out of a drawer and creating an electronic version of it does not extract the value it holds. It still requires reading and digesting before subsequent actions are taken.

“In contrast, by digitalising the entire document generation process and giving the data contained in it the ability to kick off subsequent processes, we start to limit the need for digestion before action. Integration into other processes become possible and errors and oversights can be minimised. By supercharging the data you already capture in your contracts, your teams can become more efficient and stay focused on the jobs they are employed to do – rather than unending contract administration.”

Chinsay wishes to thank Murali and JTJB for organising the seminar and for hosting it at their office.

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