Collaboration happens on more than just one level, as explored in our previous two blog posts (here and here). When we talk about collaboration, we mainly refer to internal, external and, more importantly, technology partnerships, all of which play an important part in the seamless, effective management of operations.   

In part three of our blog series, we explore where Chinsay stands within these principles and how the concept of collaborative ecosystems sits at the centre of our work. We will be exploring the innovations we bring to the industry, and how our core value of collaboration, and the work we do, benefits the client.

How we understand collaboration

As a brand, Chinsay puts emphasis on collaboration and innovation, be it internally in the way we encourage employees to behave, or externally in the way we interact with and support our clients. Our core values guide us in everything we do, including the development of our most progressive platform, ICP (Intelligent Contract Platform). In the beginning, ICP was pioneering digitalisation as a core concept and has now evolved to being one of the pillar technologies for many of our clients. From the get-go, ICP was designed to centralise fundamental trading workflows, enabling organisational and market collaboration, and to create unique cross-collaborations that supports commodities and freight markets and networks, increasing the value to our customers.

Through our work we identified the most important piece of the collaboration puzzle, digital ecosystems. We are driving collaboration at all levels by building collaborative ecosystems, helping our clients to move from ad-hoc to a well-defined strategy with the wellbeing of the business in mind.  

The collaborative ecosystem 

A truly collaborative ecosystem, we believe, goes beyond geography, industry and organisational boundaries. For this to be achieved, your technology needs to have the ability to enable both interactions with different stakeholders, internal or external, and the development or integration of seamless workflows and data. ICP lets you do just that. It allows you to communicate and operate on the platform with different parties, Chinsay clients or not, and enables the integration with best-of-bread technology vendors to co-create digitalised ecosystems.  

ICP allows enterprises to use multiple technology solutions and services to collaborate with partners, suppliers and customers. Many firms already have an informal collaborative ecosystem but, at Chinsay, our mission is to drive forward this ecosystem as a conscious business strategy. We, as a company, place a significant emphasis on partnerships and collaboration to enrich our clients’ overall experience and capabilities, and to enable our users’ journey towards an efficient and transparent supply chain.  

Benefits to clients 

Our clients’ success is at the core of everything we do. We are always innovating to bring further efficiencies and prepare organisations for the future of the commodities and freight industries. To do so, our commitment to building the best collaborative ecosystem means we are working with non-traditional partners and across different industries and sectors, creating a strong network across the customer value chain and beyond. 

Co-creating new value for our clients means not only developing innovative solutions but engaging in true collaboration across diverse companies and with diverse stakeholders, maximising the collective impact. We work with our partners to co-create robust, sophisticated solutions which could not exist in siloes, bringing together different players with a shared mission, enabling the use of solutions to complex problems for our clients.  

With the challenges of the past year, companies have been in greater need than ever of solutions from companies that have the big picture in mind, and which are able to provide the core components for improved business efficiency, which can minimise risk and increase profit margins. Going above and beyond, a truly innovative vendor will understand its clients’ needs not only for data but correctly structured data capture and flow.

We have built our cross-industry platform, ICP, with the client in mind, making sure the benefits of collaboration, end-to-end data capture and correct communication between systems can be harnessed by the user. This means companies have a streamlined work process, with correct metrics in place, and have the ability to save time through our platform’s ability to communicate with complementing software used across the value chain.  

Do you think your technology does enough for you or do you wonder if there is a better way?  

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