This weekend concluded the Nobel festivities here in Stockholm. Among the usual grandeur of Swedish royalty and distinguished members of the scientific community, this year also included a subject very close to us; Contracts.

The recipients of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, Bengt Holmström of MIT and Oliver Hart of Harvard University, was granted this honour for their defining work into Contract Theory. Their work will help communities, companies and nations evaluate contracts and incentives. The importance of contracts, and especially properly drafted contracts, in all facets of life, makes them a cornerstone of any transaction.

We’re happy that this subject is brought up at this prestigious event. We believe strongly that contracts are a vital part of any trade and aim to be the facilitator of better contracts for the freight and commodity industries. But while Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström could dedicate their careers studying contracts, this is not a luxury we can all freely partake in. Shipping and commodity trading do not leave much room for reflection. That is why we believe that to be able to practice good Contract Theory, you must have the appropriate tools to do so in a timely and efficient manner.

Chinsay has for many years helped global businesses save time producing contracts and mitigate risks of making mistakes.

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