We at Chinsay pride ourselves at being at the forefront of technological development for contract management. We want to provide the best solutions that help our clients take their real life workflow to a more secure and more efficient online platform..

Based on user feedback, we just launched a new update to the system that, among many other updates, provides a recap on subjects option. The system now offers our users the option to either enter a clean fixed recap or an on subjects recap.

Entering a clean fixed recap functions like the current process, but the new option adds an additional validation and editing step. When choosing that, the recap is on subjects you first edit the on subjects recap and then validate that. After lifting subjects you get to edit and validate the clean fixed recap as well.

To facilitate your need for control and risk mitigation we have also added functionality to easily compare the different recaps. You can quickly compare the clean fixed recap to the on subjects recap and the charter party to the clean fixed main recap. This makes sure that you can keep on top of the different versions and progress of your fixture.

If you have any further questions regarding this new functionality or any of the other developments, please consult our release notes attached to this article or contact us at support@chinsay.com or +46 8 611 14 20.