Chinsay’s Intelligent Contract Platform (ICP) recently won the “Innovation of the Year” award at the 2019 edition of the Energy Risk Asia Awards presented by, a leading source of in-depth analysis on risk management and coverage of complex issues within the market.

Covering the win, describes how ICP has pioneered a market-leading contract management platform for the commodities market.

“The platform – which was launched in May 2019 – creates trading opportunities. For example, ICP maps contract terms to fundamentals in order to value the contract in real time and to track changes in its value. The increased visibility provides traders with a far better understanding of any embedded optionality in a contract thereby allowing value enhancement. Thanks to the platform’s ability to extract and analyse behavioural and market trends, the contract can become a competitive asset for a trader. By improving visibility across the company, it also creates opportunities for collaboration within an organisation and across the wider industry.”

The article appeared first on on 26 November 2019.